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While driving around you and other residents notice how many different types of car dealerships actually exist. Lately, you've been recognizing signs for a buy here pay here car dealer. What exactly is this type of entity, and should you be looking for your next car at it?

Understanding Buy Here, Pay Here Car Dealerships

These dealerships are different from others in a very distinct way. In most cases, you will not undergo a credit check when you want to take out a loan from a buy here pay here car dealer. Therefore, having bad credit or no credit at all is not a problem. Of course, dealerships might vary in their requirements.

Who Should Use Buy Here, Pay Here Car Dealerships?

Well, since these were made with people who have poor credit in mind, this population would obviously benefit the most from these types of buy here pay here loans. However, since the price of these vehicles tend to be less than that of cars at other dealerships, you might also want to look into a buy here pay here lot if:

  • You do not have any money saved for a down payment.
  • You cannot afford high monthly payments.
  • You do not have a lot of money at all.
Thoroughly Inspecting The Cars

As you have probably already surmised, the cars at these dealerships are generally not the newest ones around. While this does not mean the cars are in poor condition, it does mean you should pay more attention to what you are buying. Bringing your own mechanic with you to the lot is a smart idea if the dealership will allow you to do so. Test driving the car is wise as well. This will let you see if the car is really the best match for your driving needs.

Apply Now

Guaranteed Auto Loan Advantage

Before you go to buy here pay here lots though you should apply online with our based dealership. When you apply through you will be supplied with the same guaranteed financing service, except with some extra benefits. These will include you being able to apply online, you being able to restore your credit, and you being able to work with a guaranteed safe, reliable dealership.

Basic Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealer Requirements
  • Good job time
  • Adequate income
  • Valid drivers license
  • Down payment (may vary from vehicle to vehicle)
  • Auto insurance

Does the customer need a good credit history to qualify?

More often than not the buy here pay here customer's credit history has little or no effect on whether or not he or she is approved. The car dealer will require more of a down payment when a customer has really bad credit.

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