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Anyone who is interested in purchasing a car soon should familiarize themselves with the use of buy here pay here car lots. Buy here pay here car lots are known under many different names, but involve car lots that provide their customers with their own financing options. Buy pay car lots are a great way for customers to get their guaranteed auto credit anywhere in the United States quickly and without any additional financial hassle.

What Are Buy Pay Car Lots?

Buy here pay here car lots write their own loan packages out to their customers. This means that the terms of the loan are completely under the control of the car lot. Most car lots will write loans to anyone, regardless of their personal credit history. Many people will be able to get a vehicle solely based on their income at a buy pay lot. Those that have good credit history can still gather some benefits from using a pay here buy here lot, such as possible no money down payment auto loans and other possible promotions. These lots use many different names, but if you want guaranteed financing regardless of your credit then you just need to look for the name Buy Here Pay Here.

The Benefits of Dealership Financing Online
  1. It's fast. The entire process of our dealership financing is extremely fast because our dealership does not have to deal with a bank or other financing company.
  2. It's simple. The customer will not have to go through an application process with other lenders. Our dealership will handle all aspects of financing for them so that the can just concentrate on locating a vehicle.
  3. It's flexible. Our dealership will be able to set the terms of the loan to suit the customer, including the appropriate monthly payments.
  4. It's competitive. Our dealership will usually offer interest rates that are relatively low and reasonable.
The Alternatives to Dealership Financing

There are a few alternatives to dealership financing but most of them have fairly significant drawbacks. A customer can consider using a bank for a loan but they will only be able to do this if they have extremely good credit. Customers who want to receive the best option though need to apply for online car loans here at Customers can also consider using credit unions or other alternative lenders, but the process is usually always more difficult than simply getting pre approved online at your local dealer here.

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Basic Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealer Requirements
  • Good job time
  • Adequate income
  • Valid drivers license
  • Down payment (may vary from vehicle to vehicle)
  • Auto insurance

Does the customer need a good credit history to qualify?

More often than not the buy here pay here customer's credit history has little or no effect on whether or not he or she is approved. The car dealer will require more of a down payment when a customer has really bad credit.

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